Founded in 1999, Iceberg Ventures offers financial and intellectual capital to early stage companies. Based in Louisville, Kentucky, we assist entrepreneurs in creating focused strategy, capital, and governance structures that are necessary to win in the new economy.

Iceberg Ventures’ purpose is to create value and opportunities that change people’s lives for the better. We began our venture capital business with the belief that enduring businesses are built around teams of people who have a passion to create opportunity. We see the creation of wealth as an outcome of this passion.

The partners at Iceberg Ventures are experienced, nationally recognized entrepreneurs who have built businesses from start-up through the liquidity event. This experience, combined with new economy and venture finance skills, provides entrepreneurs with a trusted, credible source of coaching.

Oftentimes, entrepreneurs focus too narrowly on seeking just financial capital from their venture partner. We believe that it is the intellectual capital, in addition to the financial capital, of the venture capitalist that provides the true value to the entrepreneur.

For its investments, Iceberg Ventures provides its nationally recognized best practice business processes that are tailored to the cycle time requirements of our rapidly changing world. Many elements of our system are depicted through a system we call the Five Revolutions of Management.

In addition to the business processes within the Five Revolutions of Management, venture capital advisory counsel services including finance, recruiting, and team building are provided by our firm.

In order to broaden its services to companies at the seed stage, Iceberg co-founded bCatalyst in February 2000, an accelerator for new economy businesses in the Louisville, Lexington and Cincinnati areas.

If you are intrigued with building a new economy business that is built to last, please contact us.