Thank you for considering Iceberg Ventures LLC for possible funding or partnership, please submit your business plan to: 

Iceberg Ventures LLC 
124 North First Street
Louisville, Kentucky 40202

If you want to send your plan as an e-mail attachment, send it as a Microsoft Word document to

Phone:  (502) 583-6810

For executive summaries up to five pages, please fax to Iceberg Ventures, LLC at
(502) 583-5606. 

All business plans should include:

Description of your company, business goals, product or service concept, and size of market.
Full resumes of your team, including advisors. Submit organization plan.
Discussion on product or service detailing its uniqueness, competitive advantage and market potential. 
Discussion on market and sales strategy. 
Detail of your capital needs. 
Current financial statements and proforma statements of cash flow, profit and loss, and balance sheets on a monthly basis for two years.