The name Iceberg represents the depth and foundation of our firm.

The venture capital we provide is truly just the “tip of the iceberg”. The leadership, management, and other business skills we provide represent the large mass required to make a start-up or early-stage company a success. Just as with an iceberg, the tip (or financial capital) only represents a small portion of the mass. It is the base of the iceberg (or intellectual capital) that represents the power of the whole.

If you look at our logo closely, you will learn many of the things about us. You can see our initials, the letters I and V in our logo. The dot on the I represents an entrepreneur with an idea. We can help give that idea breadth, as seen in the top of the letter V. We help entrepreneurs focus on what is important as illustrated by the tip of the arrow. The rising slope of the logo represents our commitment to continuous improvement.

Symbolically, the logo is hand brushed, representing that it is people that build great organizations. Creating opportunities for humans to realize their potential is the ultimate obligation of any successful organization.